The construction process goes through three overall phases:

Phase 0
Main phase 1
Main phase 2

Phase 0
This phase focuses on preparing the two existing hospitals (“Skejby” and “Aarhus Sygehus” respectively) for the long construction period of The New University Hospital in Aarhus (DNU). Solving pressing space needs for example.

The relocation of Respiration Centre West and reconstruction of intensive care at Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby, are examples of phase 0 projects.

Main phase 1
In this phase – spanning from early 2008 to summer 2009 – the drawing up of the overall plan for the construction took place.

The overall plan gives a precise and thorough foundation for the detailed planning, consisting of…

  • rational planning
  • detailed programming
  • project engineering
  • implementation

The overall plan will ensure that The New University Hospital in Aarhus can be realised according to the established visions and goals for…

  • quality
  • time
  • economy
  • minimum of risk

Main phase 2
This is the realisation phase which spans from autumn 2009 and 10 years onward. This is where the detailed planning, project engineering and the actual construction work will be carried out.

Start of Main phase 2
On June 17th 2009 the council of Region Central Jutland authorised the start of Main phase 2 projects.

At that time the scope of the facilities financing of 858 million Euro was not yet established. Several preliminary sub-projects were initiated.

Preliminary projects
In addition to the task of downsizing the overall plan of the project the following sub-projects have been initiated:

  • Site development: Establishment of construction site, roads, main supply facilities etc.
  • Standard rooms: Programming of equipment and room functions of standard rooms which will be used in more than one Centre – e.g. bed rooms, operation rooms, outpatient clinics etc.
  • Identification of requisites, design basis and geometry of the most common building types, including optimisation of solutions, etc.
  • Internal logistics: Choice of system, department logistics etc.
  • Main IT activities: Business and IT architecture for the Emergency Centre, IT support of patient, resource and transport logistics, IT technical integration.

In addition a number of management tasks such as preparation of district plan, risk management, professional management and the like.

The construction site is established
The construction and operation of the construction site has been put out to tender on May 12th 2011 with prequalification to competitive dialogue.

All of the project’s construction tasks will be put out to tender digitally on

The guiding announcements regarding coming tenders can be viewed at TED.