The construction of The New University Hospital is financed by an undertaking from the Danish government of 858 million euros. The Danish state will pay 60 per cent of this amount while Region Central Jutland will pay the remaining 40 per cent.

For Region Central Jutland, a portion of this amount will be obtained by selling the existing hospital buildings and grounds.

On the July 1st 2010 the Danish government announced that it endorses a recommendation from the Expert Panel, which evaluates all new hospital projects in Denmark. Thus, DNU received an undertaking to fund the DNU-project of 6.426 billion Danish kroner (858 million euros) from the Government Quality Fund.

In its recommendation to the government the Expert Panel emphasized that DNU can realise improved patient care and that The New University Hospital will continue to be central to both Region Central Jutland and the highly specialized treatment in Denmark in general.

Furthermore, the Panel stressed that DNU will be established as a transition project for new ways of organising work processes, utilisation of capacity, logistics and continuity of care.

The Government also agrees with the Panel that there is a need for a strong focus on the region's risk management of the project from start to end as it is a huge construction project with an enormous complexity.

The letter to Region Midtjylland with the final undertaking of 6.426 billion Danish kroner is signed by the Minister of Interior and Health Bertel Haarder.