Application for prequalification

In February 2013, the Central Denmark Region is launching an art competition for commissions to the New University Hospital in Aarhus. The competition period ran for three months and the winning projects was selected in June 2013.

Artists and/or groups of artists were invited to apply for prequalification for the competition. Four participants were selected to take part in the competition together with four pre-invited artists.

The pre-invited artists were:

  1. Thierry Feuz, b. 1968, Switzerland
  2. Michael Jäger, b. 1956, Germany
  3. Matt Mullican, b. 1951, USA
  4. Artists’ group comprising:
    Christina Hamre (b. 1974) Denmark
    Charlotte Bergmann Johansen (b. 1977) Denmark
    Nanna Starck (b. 1976) Denmark &
    Annesofie Sandal (b. 1977) Denmark

Art strategy at The New University Hospital
The expansion of Aarhus University Hospital is one of the largest hospital projects in recent times, and for such a large public construction project, it has been appropriate to produce an overarching, holistic plan, including the integration of art. The art strategy for the New University Hospital was adopted in February 2010, and an ongoing art manual now establishes the framework for where and when art projects are to be realised.

Art in Arcades and Galleries
The art projects will be issued for the hospital galleries and arcades, which are among the most significant public spaces in the New University Hospital. The individual artist is free to define the nature of the art project within the given budget and guidelines, in keeping with the project documentation for the individual building sections.

Conditions of participation
The call for tenders is implemented as an advertisement in accordance with the rules of the Danish Act on Tender Procedures. Prequalification for four entrants will comprise an assessment of individual suitability to deliver an art project on the intended scale.

The entrants’ artistic capabilities will be assessed against the backdrop of a reference list of relevant projects completed within the past 10 years. The list must be enclosed with the prequalification application. Emphasis will be placed on experience from large art projects.

The DNU Project Department reserves the right to publish text material and visualisations relating to the winning projects.

The arcade areas N1, N2 and S2 span approximately 100 meters each, while the arcade area S4 spans approximately 80 metres. From floor to ceiling there are approximately 8 metres.

The two galleries (North and South) span approximately 90 metres each. The galleries are 3 levels high each. From floor to ceiling there are approximately 12 metres.

Panel of judges
A panel of judges will assess the eight sketches of the proposals for the competition.

Two independent art experts are appointed to the panel:

  • Rosan Bosch, CEO and Creative Director: Rosan Bosch APS
  • Lars Grambye, Director, Brandts

Other members:

  • Vibeke Poulsby Krøll, Chief Executive Nurse, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Frank Skriver Mikkelsen, Project Direktor, DNU
  • Nils Erik Gjerdevik, artist


  • Ib Hessov, President, Aarhus University Hospital art committee
  • Lars Juel Thiis, architect, Consulting Group, DNU I/S
  • Lene Laigaard Andersen, secretary and art curator, DNU

Funding and Fees
Each art work per arcade must be capable of being implemented and set up within an overall budget of respectively DKK 1,700,000 (S4) and DKK 2,250,000 (N1, N2 and S2). In metres S4 spans less than N1, N2 and S2 and releases an equivalent lower budget.

Each art work per gallery must be capable of being implemented within an overall budget of DKK 1,000,000.

All costs of materials, implementation, foundations, set-up and transportation of the work must be included within these budgets (the fee is not part of this amount). At least 15% must be earmarked for unforeseen costs.

A fee of DKK 85,000 will be paid for each of the eight sketch projects. DKK 50,000 of this will be paid out once DNU receives a pledge/commitment to participate, while the remaining DKK 35,000 will be paid out on delivery of the proposed art work.
Each of the winning projects for the arcades will be paid a fee of DKK 500,000. Each of the winning projects for the galleries will be paid a fee of DKK 275,000. The fees will be paid in stages concurrent with implementation of the project.

Applications must not exceed a maximum of four A4 sheets.
The application must include:

  • Data: Name, address, telephone and e-mail
  • List of references
  • Photos (with a selection of art works)

Applications must be submitted in digital form to:
DNU, Project Department, Hedeager 3, 2nd floor DK-8200 Aarhus N
Attn: Lene Laigaard Andersen,
Applications must be clearly labelled: art competition.

Application deadline: 12:00 noon, 31 January, 2013.
Further details can be found at