The project in numbers

About the building of the New University Hospital in Aarhus:

  • Four hospitals in Aarhus are gathered under one roof
  • 250,000 m2 of new build
  • 160,000 m2 of existing hospital buildings are integrated
  • Approx. 30,000 m2 are converted to another function
  • Area of lot in total approx. 1,250,000 m2
  • Overall budgetary framework of 6.4 billion DKK for new buildings and 430 million DKK for reconstruction
  • In addition:
    • The New Psychiatric Centre of 50,000 m2 with a construction cost of 1.25 billion DKK
  • Danish Centre for Particle Radiotherapy of 9,500 m2 with a construction cost of 800 million DKK
  • Car park with 700 parking spaces and a helipad on top with a construction cost of 100 million DKK


Future activities…

  • 100,000 hospitalized patients annually
  • 800,000 patients for ambulant treatments
  • Capacity of 822 beds in total
  • Primary hospital for 320,000 citizens in and around Aarhus
  • National and regional hospital for 1.2 million citizens in Central Denmark Region
  • 40-50% of all hospital activity in Central Denmark Region
  • Largest employer in Aarhus municipality with approx. 10,000 employees 


Hospital city with the size of a Danish provincial town…

  • 2.8 km of new ring road
  • Three new main access roads
  • Almost 5,700 parking spaces


The construction in numbers…

  • A construction site area of 0.3 square kilometers
  • Two construction sites simultaneously (north and south)
  • A construction speed of 1000-1500 m2 per month of each construction site
  • Construction site common facilities of 4,500 m2
  • Approx. 6 kilometers of fencing for construction sites
  • Approx. 1,200 construction workers working at the same time, when activity peaks
  • Contracts signed by approx. 70 contractors - and an even greater number of subcontractors
  • Approx. 200 daily shipments for the construction site



  • The construction of DNU started in 2009
  • The first buildings were  put into operation in 2015
  • The complete project will be finished in 2019