In the DNU project the construction and facility work are primarily put out to tender as prime contracts. The size of the tenders is approximately 15-25,000 square metres per tender.

For the services or contracts where a purchase is desired to be used throughout the project, framework agreements will be considered. This is especially true in those cases where failure in systems or deliveries can influence patient security (for example communications or logistics systems) as well as for deliveries which have to be identical and consistent throughout the whole project, e.g. security systems.

Establishment, operation and the logistics of construction sites have been put out to tender on May 12th 2011. The task includes shared facilities with a joint capacity of up to 1200 employees across two building sites.

The tasks which the operator of the shared facilities must solve are

  • Construction and operation of two site accommodations with a varying degree of load
  • Construction of canteen and kitchen
  • Construction and operation of two port guards with 24 hour surveillance
  • Construction and operation of a garbage disposal central and servicing
  • Operation of parking lots for construction workers (bar system)
  • Construction and operation of one total logistics system which can be used by the operators (booking system)
  • Daily management of the logistics in the construction site area
  • Maintenance, snow removal, temporary signposting on roads
  • Possible construction and operation of rental facilities
  • Possible construction and operation of visitor centre
The tender process is carried out as a digital tender via to ensure equal opportunity and transparency in the process.

All coming tenders are announced at