As a public employer the DNU project demands that considerations regarding the working environment in the construction phase are taken into account by all parties involved in the construction.

Therefore, the working environment policy of DNU will be a part of the various tenders. The contractors are expected to meet the demands of the working environment policy.

The main demands are…
  • The contractor must have a working environment policy and must be able to document a systematic working environment effort. This can be achieved by upholding a working environment certification or in another way documenting a systematic working environment management that as a minimum fulfils the current working environment legislation.
  • The contractor must actively contribute to maintain and continually improve the safety – including taking precautionary measures against work related accidents.
  • The contractor must demand the same from his subcontractors, but the contractor will be held accountable to the employer for the subcontractors’ actions.
  • The contractor must have at least one safety representative with a working environment education at the construction site.
  • The contractor must present an employee who are entitled to make decisions at the arranged safety meetings and the safety coordinator’s inspections.
  • The contractor must devise a working environment plan, which as a minimum contains a description of the organisation of working environment and safety efforts, an assessment of tasks and risks and a plan for the management of subcontractors.
Read more about general working environment laws at the website of The Working Environment Authority.

The working environment policy of DNU will be evident from each tender.